As we grow older our expectations of what it means to live in a retirement community are evolving, dramatically. Not since the debut of “Golden Girls” 33 years ago has there been an entertaining peek into the world of community living on television. This fall audiences will see a much needed modern perspective on a new show called “Cool Kids” (on FOX). It revolves around three guy friends in a retirement community who are the top dogs until they’re blown out of the water by the newest member of the community, a female rebel who’s ready to challenge their place – it’s high school with 70somethings.

Though taking this new show’s portrayal of retirement living with a humorous grain of salt it highlights the numerous benefits many seniors may not take into consideration other than looking for care services and support. Many of our clients have been very pleased to discover new friendships, entertaining events, good food, new interests, a wide range of outing destinations, and in most cases an improved quality of life.

Retirement communities can be a little or a lot different from one another. Finding the right match for care and lifestyle by using a senior placement agency can be of invaluable assistance. A senior housing advisor will vet out the communities that best fit the needs and wants of the senior. They check for any substantiated complaints, pre-visit the community, are aware of the levels resident care capabilities and will discuss the expectations of the senior with the community representative. They are experienced professionals who will be there every step of the way providing information, education and compassion through the locations process. As of July 1, 2018 any senior placement agency doing business in Oregon must be registered with the State of Oregon through the Department of Human Resources.

Catherine Camp, Senior Placement Specialist

Autumn of Life Senior Housing and Advisory Services