Helpful Retirement Workshops

There is no doubt about it, aging brings various challenges.  Some of us are caring for aging parents, some are caring for spouses, and there are many healthy older adults who aren’t prepared for possible future care needs at all.  There is so much to figure out and most of us don’t have a clue where to start.

We at NW Retirement Professionals have a desire to help our community by sharing information,  through our blog,  workshops, or our individual work with clients like you.

We offer a variety of presentations. Called “A Blueprint for Aging”, these presentations can be customized to fit your group’s interest and time. We can have a multi-week series, with all our members participating, a few select presentations or simply one or two of our senior experts presenting to your group – which covers many topics related to aging to single topic presentations or any combination in between. These presentations can  be customized to fit your groups’ interest and time.

To schedule free presentations for your community group, church or conference contact us at

A Blueprint for Aging

This 9 session course features several different instructors, each of whom will present in their specific field of expertise as it relates to senior care topics. Through presentations, handouts and discussion for each class, this course will help prepare you for the issues and decisions you may be facing in relation to aging yourself or supporting your aging loved ones.

Possible Topics:

  • What are the 10 signs to start “That” conversation?
  • What to Look for When Looking for a Retirement Community or Adult Care Home – What are the costs?
  • Staying In Your Home:  How to get the help you need
  • I don’t need Long-term Care Insurance, or do I?
  • Planning for Your Estate and Review of Senior Resources
  • Daring to downsize whether you are moving or staying
  • Current Housing Market – Selling your Home
  • Settling an Estate?  Helping to Downsize?  Help is on the Way!

Other options are available. Contact us to discuss possibilities.

What Workshop Attendees Are Saying:

“Great information, Great presentations…”
“I learned of a lot of resources and contacts…”
“Very knowledgeable and personable presenters…”
“Very helpful and practical information…”
“Friendly, helpful atmosphere…”
“Filled in the gaps of knowledge about aging…”
“Relevant content and well organized…”

What Hosts of the Workshops Are Saying:

“Our church hosted NWRP to teach a eight week class entitled “A Blueprint for Aging”, where a series of expert instructors came to speak in various areas related to preparing well for one’s senior years. It was hands down one of the most well-organized, well-prepared, and well-received classes we’ve offered. (Actually, we offered it twice because the people who took it the first time insisted we bring it back for others to be blessed by.) The feedback we received afterwards was universally positive, with everyone feeling extremely well-served by the instructors. As the pastor of adult education at our church, I worked directly with Cherie and Beth, who coordinated the class, and they were very professional in every aspect of their involvement. I honestly doubt a class on this general subject matter could be run much better and would encourage other churches to consider blessing their body with a similar class or seminar through this organization.”

~ John Kwak, Village Baptist, Beaverton