“You’re going to be new parents! Congratulations!” The joy and excitement of becoming a new parent is a lifetime memory. New parents have at their fingertips limitless resources to help them overcome what they believe are parenting challenges few in the history of the world have ever encountered. From the day we were born our parents lead us to reach milestones, cheering us upon each completion.  As time marches on we find ourselves looking more towards our parent’s milestones than our own and the sounds of cheering are often replaced with voices of concern.


As adult children, we begin to notice our parents with their graying hair, deepening wrinkles and other subtle or not so subtle signs of their advancing age. We subconsciously push aside any thought of when milestones ahead are to be reached, often thinking mom and dad have many more years ahead of them before things could take a turn.  We avoid setting a firm date for that conversation of when we have to “tell” our parents what we see. Yet, it’s on our mind frequently, “Dad needs to stop driving.” Or “Mom is getting more and more forgetful.”


Inevitably, there will come a time when we can no longer wait for our parents to act on their own. When their safety and well being is at risk and we must step in and become more involved. You may feel alone and think you are one of the few people who has had to deal with such an emotional issue. Preparing for that most intimate of conversations to discuss their future milestones can be overwhelming. Likely, you’ve never been an adult child to an aging parent with elder care issues before. It’s a world you’ve never entered and it can be complex and overwhelming.


You have at your fingertips a remarkable group of professional resources who are experts in helping families prepare, process, and complete the many areas of help needed at various stages of an aging parent’s life. NW Retirement Professionals is there for you. You can come to the family table with solutions, answers and the confidence of knowing these can guide you in one or all of the following areas whether it is for your parents or for yourself:


Organizing and Downsizing

Long Term Insurance

Estate Planning & Elder Law

Medically Based In-Home Care

Personal safety & Health Solutions

Senior Housing Placement

Residential Real Estate

Estate Sales & Appraisal Services


There is so much to figure out and most of us don’t have a clue where to start.  NW Retirement Professionals believes that education is the key to successful aging. In addition to providing services we also have designed several educational series to help folks understand and prepare for the issues and decisions they will face as they age.  Future issues of this newsletter will arm you with information and resources,so you will be better prepared to face your future aging and support your loved ones.

By Catherine Camp