With Covid-19 altering the search for higher levels of care for senior living, it’s even more imperative to call upon the expertise of senior living advisors for guidance and knowledge. When researching senior living options a senior living advisor will gather updated information from the Department of Human Services and the Oregon Health Authority. All the way around, advisors can save you hours of time, contribute valuable insight, and ease overwhelming stress.

Not too long ago it was common practice for advisors to meet with clients either at their bedside in a hospital or a rehabilitation center, or sit down for a family discussion at the kitchen table. Now meetings via teleconferencing are more of the norm. Cherie Henry, the president of NWRP and owner of Autumn of Life Senior Housing and Advisory Services still offers to meet personally with her clients when they feel comfortable doing so, “We have been meeting in outdoor spaces, physically distancing ourselves and wearing our masks. Meeting our clients or their family members in person or through Zoom is a valuable step in the location process.”

In order to reduce the risk of a Covid-19 infection, communities ask new residents to move in only essential furnishings and belongings until the crisis has passed. They have specific protocols on how items are delivered to the building. Meals are being delivered to residents in their rooms and one-on-one activities are being rolled out for most residents. Every community is a little different so when an advisor is gathering information about a specific community they will provide additional information about what a move into that community might feel like.

Helping families understand the pros and cons of each community, providing estimated pricing on the type of housing they are seeking, noting specific details their clients are interested in, and being a buffer from sales calls from multiple communities are just a short list of the value of senior living advisors offer. A senior living advisor would be happy to answer any of your questions about senior housing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Catherine Camp
Autumn of Life Senior Housing and Advisory Services