Financial Advice


Dominique Toews, Managing Partner
Toews, Van Zante & Associates – Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisors

As a Financial Advisory team , we have extensive experience helping affluent clients plan for their goals to preserve and grow their assets. We are high]y qualified and credentialed advisors, and we work with an established network of professional resources to help you bring your dreams and goals more within reach.

Our advisors develop ongoing one-to-one relationships with clients and take time to understand what’s truly important to them and their families. To help clients achieve their financial goals and prepare for the expected and unexpected, we offer personalized financial advice and a range of product solutions, including investments, insurance, annuities and banking. Smart technologies enable clients to track progress toward individual financial goals, as well as see how investments and solutions are performing, at any time, any place, from any device.

At Ameriprise, our focus is to help clients achieve their financial goals and feel confident, connected and in control of their financial life.