To Keep or Not to Keep?

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The thought of going through all of your possessions may sound daunting but it is often a necessary step in preparing for a move. It is the process of thinking through what you own and then making decisions about whether to take them with you to your new home or whether they are items you no longer need and they should be shared with others.


This process is important whether you are moving to a similar sized home and need to update your possessions to meet your current lifestyle or whether you are downsizing to a smaller space and need to adjust what you own to fit comfortably into your new space.  Taking the time to make wise decisions about your belongings before you move can make the transition and the adjustment to your new place much less stressful.


Sorting through and editing your things does not have to be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to lighten the burden and anxiety of this process:

  • Start with small steps. Accomplishing a large task like this can be intimidating if you view it as a whole. When the job is broken down into smaller pieces it becomes more manageable.  It took years to accumulate what you have, so it will take some time to work through it all. Continue reading